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5 Key SEO Metrics

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It is true that keywords remain an important part of any SEO strategy. A search engine’s chief function is to pair its user’s search query, or an inputted keyword or phrase, with the most relevant website. However, keywords are only part of the puzzle; a modern search engine algorithm figures many factors in when retrieving results. Besides, what good is reaching the top of the rankings if you aren’t making any sales? Our SEO agency Los Angeles operations always address a number of aspects simultaneously when we carry out a campaign for our client.  Let’s go over 5 key SEO metrics that are important to any campaign.

1. Keywords

Getting to the top of the search engine rankings for a given keyword or phrase does help. Combined with other important tactics, it is good to research the keywords your target demographic is using and go after the keyword rankings that are going to bring in traffic and benefit your business. However, keep in mind that there are many other things you should be doing than ranking high with your chosen keywords.

2. Links

Links are important to any SEO strategy, and we regularly seek to build them up in our SEO agency Los Angeles efforts. However, there are frequent misconceptions concerning links and their use. Desirable links should be working for your website, not against it. That means quality links that are relevant to your material, which will actually bring in traffic. Gone are the days when you can purchase a ton of links, pack your site full of keywords, and watch your site rocket to the top of the search results. Search engines will now penalize websites that build up links to low quality sites of dubious relevance.

Today it is important to carefully build solid, quality links from sites that are reputable and useful themselves. Make sure to take special care in your link building efforts or you may end up frustrating your own project.

3. Site Traffic

Traffic is another important metric. Smart keyword research and link building SEO strategy will bring in plenty of traffic: a large portion of shoppers around the world use search engines heavily to look up information and find products and services. There are other ways to bring in traffic as well, such as with email marketing, pay per click ads, and more traditional means of marketing such as radio spots and TV ads.

Traffic isn’t going to do you much good if your site isn’t delivering the goods though. If your visitors are coming to your site and don’t find what they are looking for, or don’t like what they see, or become lost or frustrated, they’re not going to buy anything. Our SEO agency Los Angeles campaigns emphasize rich content, smart site organization, and rigorous conversion testing on top of traffic driving methods to ensure better outcomes.

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4. Conversions

Whether your goal is to make a sale, acquire a lead, or have a visitor contact you, you are looking to maximize conversions on your website. Plus, search algorithms factor into conversions on your website for rankings. As explained above, this is done independent of merely attracting traffic. You may be able to attract visitors to your website, but will they stay? Will they perform the actions that you want them to?

This is where good content, quality web design, smart organization, and conversion testing come into play. Are your call to actions working as they should? Is it easy to place an order? Are visitors finding what they are looking for? Think about these questions when you are looking to optimize your conversion rate.

5. Total Revenue

Perhaps one of the most important factors in our SEO agency Los Angeles campaigns is the amount of incoming revenue in proportion to costs. Every successful SEO campaign should amount to profits above and beyond the costs that go in, which is of course obvious to any business owner. However, it is important to revisit the revenue metric again and again to make sure the SEO campaign is worth the effort.

Hire a Professional

Each of these metrics is necessary in itself, but it takes all of them working together to really make a good SEO campaign. For the best results and the highest return on your investment, hire a professional. Coalition Technologies is one of the top SEO firms in the industry. Our SEO agency Los Angeles campaigns seek to maximize not just common, superficial SEO metrics, but all of the metrics necessary to a client’s success, especially in terms of the profits a client is taking in as a result of the campaign. Give us a call today at 1-888-652-0637 and get a free quote.


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5 Tips for Successful Email Marketing

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Every successful business has a robust email marketing campaign in its marketing repertoire. Email marketing is a great, inexpensive way to reach a large number of people fast. Plus it is a great way to maintain your relationship with past customers. Here are 5 tips for a successful Los Angeles email marketing campaign.

1. Know your readers

To send out an effective marketing email, you have to think about who is actually going to want to read it. Usually building out your own email list is more effective than paying for a list, because you know you are sending the email to people that are actually interested and won’t be annoyed by what they perceive as spam. Be ready to respond to readers that would like more information, but also have an option to opt out of the Los Angeles email marketing campaign out of courtesy.

The bottom line is you treat your readers with respect. You want to figure how to get information about your products to the people who want it, and let the readers be who aren’t interested.

2. Think about content

You want your emails to convey information that is valuable or interesting to your readers. Try subscribing to the email newsletters to the most successful businesses you can find. What are they doing? Is it right for your own campaign? Keep the length of your emails down unless you rarely send them out, and keep the tone of the email personal and casual.

Personalize your emails as much as possible. Think about what your readers want and how you can best cater to their interests. Use descriptive and interesting subject lines that give readers a hint of what’s inside the email. Encourage your readers to forward the email if they find it interesting; this can greatly help your Los Angeles email marketing results.

mail - los angeles email marketing.jpg

3. How about format?

When thinking about your email formatting, remember that most readers will take quick glances at your email to see if anything jumps out at them, and then they will move on. Give your readers a table of contents or a quick set of bullet points with exciting subjects that encourage them to read on. Use large, bold headlines and narrow columns of copy that are easy to scan. Vibrant html messages with video and audio can be exciting, but give your readers the option of plain text if they prefer.

4. Analyze your efforts

You don’t want to be pouring too much time and energy into a newsletter that doesn’t work. Make sure you can track the links in your email to see if readers are actually clicking through for more information. Test different forms of copy, headlines, and design and see what works the best. Constantly analyze the effects of each form of email you are sending out and run with what works, while tweaking what doesn’t work. It will be tough to run a successful Los Angeles email marketing campaign when you don’t take the time to learn what works. After a little trial and error, you’ll figure what has the best effect on your reader base.

5. Hire a professional

The best way to ensure a successful email marketing campaign is to hire a professional to carry it out. Coalition Technologies has extensive experience with email marketing, and we employ cutting edge techniques and analysis to maximize the effectiveness of our clients’ Los Angeles email marketing campaigns. Give us a call today at 1-888-993-7639 and get a free quote.






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Climbing Breakfast Before Tick Rock Today


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6 SEO Fundamentals Your E-Commerce Business Might Be Missing

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BigCommerce is one of the most powerful ecommerce platforms in the industry; the program can definitely help you build a fantastic store with relative ease. Your online store isn’t going to be very useful if you don’t have any visitors making purchases, however. Here are 6 SEO fundamentals that our BigCommerce SEO company regularly uses to bring in the big traffic.

1. Use Schemas contains a collection of schemas, or html tags which are used to markup your web site. These markups are recognized by search engines and help improve the search result displays so that search engine users can more easily find pages they are looking for on your site. Google especially emphasizes schema use, so this measure is essential to your SEO efforts.

2. Use Simple Site Structuring

An important part of search engine ranking algorithms consists of what your visitors are actually doing when they get to your website. As part of optimizing your conversions and keeping visitors on your site – and returning to your site – you should keep your site structuring as simple as possible and easy to navigate. This means using logical and appropriate category trees that make site navigation a snap. One example is offering all of your categories on a sidebar in a menu that persists wherever the visitor goes, which preferably expands and collapses based on where the shopper wants to go.

When our BigCommerce SEO company designs a shopping cart, we aren’t only interested in aesthetics, though a nice-looking site helps. We also want to make sure the browsing and shopping experience is as intuitive and pleasurable as possible so as to encourage return visits and conversions. Search engines keep track of this stuff.

3. Use Simple Keyword URLs

When you create your URLs, you want to think about how they are going to be read by the search engine. For best results, simple URLs that have your domain and then the page they are referring to is the best way to go. Make sure to use keywords where you can. When creating a URL like this, avoid stop words and query strings, and use dashes when you have two or more words after the domain. For example: “” or “” for category pages, and then “” for the actual product page. Try to have only one URL for each product page to avoid duplicate content.

4. Canonical Tags

If you are using customized URLs with query strings or other tools like internal referral parameters for analytics, or multiple URLs for a single page, it helps to set up unified canonical tags to make your URL structures easier on search engines. Some ecommerce platforms do this automatically for you. Our BigCommerce SEO company regularly checks for canonical tags as a matter of principle.

5. Category Structure, Naming, and Tags

It’s worth repeating that your page categories should be simplified and easy to navigate for the user. Try getting in as many keywords as possible when you are naming your categories, and think about what the customer is looking. This also helps your SEO when you go to individual products. When you are naming your products, use the specific model of the product as well as the category it is part of. For example: Sony Walkman MP3 Player. Your title tags and H1 tags should match the name of your category pages.

6. Create Unique Product Descriptions

Each of your products should have a unique description that is not duplicated on other pages or on other websites. So if you have a product on your manufacturer page, it should have a different description than the same product if it is featured on a retailer or affiliate site. Our BigCommerce SEO company also makes sure to write rich descriptions for each of the products. We write feature lists, benefits, specifications, and anything else that is useful to the shopper.

Think of what would be enticing to the kind of shopper you are looking to attract. Avoid short generic descriptions. Search engines are looking for rich, quality content.

pro - bigcommerce seo company.jpgHire a Professional

These 6 SEO fundamentals should help you refine your online store to appeal to search engines and improve the usability of your website. This will help your website rank higher on search engines, resulting in more traffic and conversions and thus even higher rankings. It is all self-reinforcing. Keep in mind though that many competent web designers are going to be using these tricks. If you really want to stay ahead of the competition, hire a professional to design and optimize your online store for SEO. Coalition Technologies has extensive experience with the BigCommerce platform, as well as SEO marketing. Our BigCommerce SEO company can design you the ultimate online store and get you high search engine rankings in the process. Give us a call at 1-888-652-0637 and get a free quote.

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Protecting Your Website from Negative SEO

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The SEO world is always changing, often in exciting and interesting ways, but sometimes change can break about less desirable things in the process. Google has been leading the way with innovative algorithm changes which seek to provide their users with a more intuitive and useful search experience, largely stamping out an early generation of black hat SEO practitioners who used less savory methods to game search engine algorithms. However, a new manipulative SEO technique has emerged to get around this, and it is called “negative SEO.” Negative SEO is a potential nightmare for any Los Angeles SEO agency or business, but there are ways to protect yourself from the practice’s more insidious effects. Here is how.

1. Set up email alerts with Google’s Webmaster Tools

The first thing you need to do about combating negative SEO is to know when it is happening. Using Google’s Webmaster Tools, set up email alerts. You will be notified when your pages aren’t indexed, when you are being attacked by malware, when you are having connectivity problems, when you are penalized by Google, and etc. Email alerts can be found in the “Webmaster Tools Preferences” if you’ve connected your site to Webmaster Tools.

2. Monitor your backlinks

One of the primary weapons of negative SEO is to build up bad backlinks to your website and remove the good backlinks. One of the first things a Los Angeles SEO agency will do when addressing negative SEO is take a look at the backlinks. It is a good idea to constantly monitor the backlinks created to your site, and check them out to make sure they are legitimate. If you find a bad backlink, try to contact the webmaster to have your site removed. If you find that a good backlink was removed – someone contacted the good webmaster with your name and asked them to remove your site – see about contacting the good webmaster and having your site put back up.

3. Watch out for malware and hackersdata - los angeles seo agency.jpg

Another negative SEO tactic is directly hacking your site or attacking it with malware. There are ways to guard against this. Make sure you have an exceptionally strong password, and backup your data regularly. If you are using a blogging platform like Blogger or WordPress, look into some sort of reinforced authentication process to get into your account. WordPress has a useful Google Authenticator Plugin for just this kind of thing.

4. Keep an eye out for duplicates

Another tool in the negative SEO arsenal is content duplication. Spammers can copy your website’s content and post it all over the Internet, which often results in search engine penalties. There are tools out there to check out whether copies of your site are being posted anywhere.

 5. Track your mentions in social media

Every Los Angeles SEO agency knows the importance of social media in today’s SEO world. Unfortunately, negative SEO spammers know this too. Attackers can set up fake accounts with your name and wreak all sorts of havoc in the social media sphere. Luckily, there are tools available to track your social media mentions so you can keep an eye on what is being done to your company’s name.

6. Monitor your website speed

Yet another negative SEO method is spamming your server with requests, which can slow down your site or even mess up your server. What’s worse, this sort of activity can be penalized by search engines too. Make sure you keep track of your server speed and contact your host for help if you experience any unusual server activity.

7. Stay on the level

For some marketers and site owners, it is possible to become one’s own worst enemy. There are some SEO tactics that you should try to avoid, such as linking to bad websites, buying links, spamming your blog with low-quality/keyword-stuffed posts, and selling links. Also, when you build backlinks, you can use keywords but don’t overdo it. Make sure you are using your actual website name frequently. SEO tactics like these are often penalized by search engines.

Also, take care not to burn bridges with clients, employees, and partners. Some negative SEO attackers are motivated by competitive pressures, and others are motivated by grudges. Sometimes conflicts and disputes are impossible to avoid, but if you can help it, do your best to tread carefully in the online and offline public space.

8. Address search engine penalties

There is a last-resort measure you can take if you’ve tried all of these tactics and you are still getting penalized by Google for reasons you don’t understand. Submit a disavow list to Google that addresses any penalties that you feel are unearned.

9. Hire a Los Angeles SEO agency

These tactics should all help you better navigate the SEO world and protect against most negative SEO attacks if they happen. However sometimes it is better to leave things to an SEO professional. Coalition Technologies has extensive experience in both administering effective SEO and marketing campaigns, as well as addressing negative problems with services like reputation management and protection against negative SEO attacks. Our SEO agency has the technical knowledge and expertise to deal with the most sophisticated attacks. Give us a call today at 1-888-652-0637 and get a free quote.

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Top 10 Things You Should Know about Reputation Management

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The Internet has dramatically changed the way we connect to each other and share our lives with each other. Though this is a remarkable cultural and technological development, there is a downside: as easy as it is to spread information we want to share with people, it is just as easy (or easier) for information we don’t want people to see to spread. This is exactly what Los Angeles reputation management services are for. Here are the 10 things you need to know about reputation management.

1. Why reputation management?

There is all sorts of information available on the Internet now, and much of this information can be hard for individuals to manage. In the past, we had much more control over what information we wanted transmitted through our social and professional networks, but now information about us that we might not even know exists online can be accessed by just about anyone looking for it.

Reputation has always been important, but on the Internet this importance is amplified. For individuals, reputation doesn’t just matter in social circles, it can determine whether one gets a job, qualifies for insurance or credit in certain circumstances, and much more. For businesses, reputation plays a significant part in attracting customers, as informed shoppers have a large store of information at their fingertips to pore through when choosing a product.
This is where Los Angeles reputation management services come in. With the help of a skilled reputation manager, you can carefully cultivate the store of information that is available online to show the public face that you want.

2. What does a reputation management professional do?

Reputation management professionals work with individuals, small businesses, large businesses, and other organizations to cultivate their clients’ online presence by emphasizing information that their clients want to be seen and by burying information that their clients don’t want to be seen.

3. Why not do it yourself?

There are various things you can do yourself, like work at establishing a positive social media presence, take care with what you choose to share online, and try to affect as positive a change on your society as possible. However, there are many factors that you simply can’t control. It takes technical expertise and extensive industry knowledge to know all of the possible sources of information, how your information is released, and how to either amplify or dampen any given piece of information. That is best left to a professional.

4. What is the most common misconception of reputation management?

Many people think they do an airtight job of managing their online reputation, and they are probably doing decent work really. However, you can’t control what other people do to you or what they say about you online. Someone might harbor a grudge against you or your company, and post all sorts of false, harmful things online. Also, most people don’t know how to actually leverage their online reputations for their benefit. That is what Los Angeles reputation management services are for.

5. How do online reputations affect people and businesses?

For businesses this is a little more obvious. With information available the way it is on the Internet, it is very easy to quickly search for information on a business’ reputation. There is a whole industry that has sprung up around this: think of all of the review networks such as those on Yelp, Google, and Amazon. Look at how fast a business’ reputation can change on social media. This type of information can have a dramatic effect on the customer’s decision.

For individuals it is a little more subtle. Today when you go searching for a job, or if you seek an investment, apply for a loan, get insurance, etc., your online profile is often researched. People want to see if you have a record – and not just a criminal one. People want to see your social presence, and the kinds of activities you are engaged in online, and see whether these things match up to what you initially claim. This can have a very real effect on your overall success.

6. How do reputation management professionals deal with negative information?

Most online information is difficult, if not impossible, to remove. Law has not kept up with the rapid changes wrought by the Internet, and lawsuits are often unsuccessful. The key is to bury bad information with modern PR, marketing, and SEO techniques. This is where the professional expertise and technical knowledge comes in.

7. How do you emphasize the positive information?

Basically, a Los Angeles reputation management professional will sit down with you to understand the type of information you want to be most prominent in the online space, and also help you understand how to leverage that information to your benefit. That information will be put together and pushed to the top of the search results. Everyone relies on search engines for information, and most people won’t venture past the first couple of pages.

8. Is it better to simply react to a problem, or should you actively cultivate your profile?

Of course it is much better – and cheaper – to actively manage your profile so that more serious reputation emergencies don’t even come up. However, most people don’t go to a professional until they have a serious problem to solve, and you can never completely predict what will happen to your reputation with so many working factors.

9. How do you avoid being taken advantage of?

There are people out there that will put up negative information, or engage in defamation campaigns, and then charge to take the negative information down. As I said before, law has not kept up with this problem. When it does catch up, hopefully there will be legal means available to address these problems. Until then, you just have to pay to have it taken down, or pay a reputation management professional to take care of things.

man - los angeles reputation management.jpg10. How do you preserve your online reputation?

Be careful about what you share online. If you go on social media a lot, make sure you know your privacy settings and avoid oversharing. It does help to make contributions that are relevant to your professional life, things that will go towards your success. Set up alerts so you can keep an eye on things.

Hire a Professional

A Los Angeles reputation management professional can help you cultivate the online presence that you want the world to see. Coalition Technologies offers experts in reputation management that can teach you to leverage your online reputation, whether for personal or company success. Give us a call today at 1-888-993-7639 and get a free quote.

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Google Penguin Penalty – SEO Repair Team

Penguins are majestic, docile creatures that touch our hearts with their unspeakable beauty and unparalleled grace of movement. But Google Penguin is a fierce, horrifying beast which crushes our souls with its merciless wrath and and unforgiving nature. It’s not much of a stretch to suspect that Google Penguin was named after the cruel and cunning criminal from the Batman saga, because if your website has fallen prey to this villainous search engine algorithm, you understand firsthand just how unfair the Gotham City of CyberSpace can actually be. I started Coalition Technologies over 5 years ago in order to help businesses to rise above these very hurdles, and since its inception, my company has worked miracles in restoring the rankings and reputations of leading companies the world over.

The Penguin is Up to His Old Tricks

For those unaware, Google Penguin refers to a series of algorithm updates that served to penalize websites which engage in practices contrary to Google’s Terms of Use, particularly questionable linking practices. First unveiled on April 24, 2012, Google Penguin caught many businesses and webmasters by surprise, and many are still struggling to repair the damage. Whereas the previous and corresponding series of algorithm updates (known as Panda) focused on user experience, Penguin zeroed in on blackhat SEO manipulation. In other words, if you try to bolster your search engine rankings with unnatural linking practices, you just might become the Penguin’s next victim.

The Hummingbird Connection 

To complicate matters even more, Google enhanced its link penalty campaign with the Hummingbird algorithm change. The reason I mention this is because many people think they’re dealing with a Penguin penalty when in fact they have fallen victim to the Hummingbird-era Manual Spam Action, whereby a manual Google review results in a devastating Google de-indexing purge. “The Hummingbird” might not sound like the name of a dastardly comic book villain, but in the world of SEO, the Hummingbird is far more nefarious than the Penguin. Unfortunately, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to determine the source of individual Google penalties, since there are multiple possibilities. If you want to turn the tide and restore your rankings, you need to not only determine the motivation behind your traffic drop, but also the solution.

Don’t Fight the Battle Alone

Whether your site is suffering due to a Google Penguin Penalty, a Hummingbird penalty or even a Panda penalty, Coalition Technologies can help. Call us for a free quote at (877) 989-7187 and we’ll share with you our processes, our history and our success stories, and we’ll lay out a plan to resurrect your business from the digital ashes. We know what it takes to determine the root cause and forge the ideal solution, and we look forward to working with you. Call us today.