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Great Article by Paul Graham

I love this article on startups by Paul Graham!

How Seattle Is Becoming a Growing Power Base in SEO

Seattle is a culturally rich city that is currently enjoying some significant growth and development, largely due to its thriving tech community. Since the 1980s, Seattle has been a hub for mammoth computer-based companies like Amazon, T-Mobile, and Microsoft. Today, that tradition holds strong with people moving in droves to become a part of the science, technology, engineering, and math renaissance happening in the Emerald City. Naturally, SEO companies in Seattle are growing quickly, and quite a few SEO companies from around the world have migrated to stake their claim on this virtual gold rush.

The SEO/Cloud Connection

Countless cloud and big data companies have found a home in Seattle, including major players like Windows Azure and Amazon Web Services. Of course, there are also plenty of startups and small businesses that are quickly cultivating their own niches. In fact, Seattle is currently considered to be the cloud computing capital of the world! As you might expect, many SEO companies are incorporating cloud technology into their search engine ranking strategies. Savvy Internet-based companies realize the importance of staying at the forefront of the industry, and it’s become quite clear that cloud computing is only going to become more prominent in tomorrow’s tech world.

How Does Cloud Computing Relate to SEO?

Some companies are using cloud computing to boost search engine rankings in quite a few ways. For starters, Google’s User Experience (UX) rating plays an integral role in determining where your page shows up. A page with a faster loading speed has a higher chance of climbing to the top of the list, and cloud computing can help with that. Google’s results are also location-based, so cloud hosting can make it possible to appeal to people on a global level – rather than having an ideal rank in just one specific area. Some SEO companies in Seattle are also using the current buzz about cloud hosting to increase interest in other multi-faceted SEO and Internet marketing services.

Companies are Realizing the Importance of SEO

Of course, cloud computing is only one small part of a much bigger picture. Companies of all sizes are just starting to realize how essential SEO and Internet marketing are these days. For instance, in the past, a pizza restaurant may not have put too much focus on their online presence, but now that has changed. The first website to come up when someone searches for a pizza delivery place in their area is usually the one who gets the business.

By utilizing the services provided by an SEO company, even the smallest companies can gain a huge advantage. Naturally,  SEO companies in Seattle are using their reputations as global leaders in the tech industry to gain new clients from all over the world. The fact that Seattle is known for technology has created a perpetual motion machine that is drawing in more and more business, which is in turn helping the SEO market grow exponentially.

Coalition Technologies Offers Premium SEO Services

As you can see, some of the most exciting companies in the tech industry have chosen Seattle as a home base, and that includes Coalition Technologies. With offices in Seattle and Los Angeles, we are proud to offer cutting edge online marketing solutions that are influenced by two of the most prominent cities in the industry. We work directly with our clients to ensure complete satisfaction, and all of today’s crucial Internet marketing strategies are handled only by highly qualified professionals.

Contact Coalition Technologies to Learn More

If you are ready to start using expert SEO services in Seattle, give us a call at (310) 827-3890. We will be more than happy to answer your questions, give you further information, and provide a free quote. Our success stems directly from yours, so allow us to work alongside you to establish the website your business deserves. Take your online presence to the next level with Coalition Technologies.

Jordan Working Hard!


Jordan working hard on Mad Dogg Athletics reports all day yesterday and today and into both nights. It’s 9:30 and he is still working on the finishing touches. I am lucky to have him working with me at Coalition.

Early Day

I went to bed at 9:45 last night and got up today at 615 and went for a 4 mile run.

How to Develop a Unique Website Design in a Saturated Market

There is no denying the importance of having a strong Internet presence these days – no matter what size your business is. Potential customers and clients need to know how to get in contact with you and find out what products and services you offer. They may also need information about the company, hours of operation, and so on. However, basic information is only one small part of online presence these days. Finding the right website design in Los Angeles is critical to your success for plenty of reasons. Here are some tips to help you develop a website that really packs a punch.

Make Your Brand Instantly Recognizable

As you design your website, you need to realize that this is your opportunity to brand your company. In the age of the Internet, a website is often the only liaison between you and your customers or clients. Sure, you can put an ad on a billboard, produce a commercial for television, or take out space in a magazine, but the reality is that the first thing most people do when they are thinking about doing business with a company is to Google them. Your website design in Los Angeles or anywhere else in the world is what sets you apart, so make it count. Design your website so that there is absolutely no question that this is your brand from the very moment someone lands on your page. Whether that means using logos, color schemes, slogans, or anything else of that nature is entirely up to you and your web designer.

Go Beyond Basic, Standard Information

Naturally, your website is going to have basic information about the company, but these days you need more than that. Content is king for many reasons. First, having a website packed with regularly updated information gives people a reason to come back, driving your traffic numbers sky-high. Second, more content means a higher ranking in search engines, which is absolutely critical these days. Try to add quality content on a daily basis that covers a diverse range of related topics. Establishing your brand as an expert in your field means going beyond the typical menu everyone expects to see.

Keep the Content Fresh

As you design your website, consider adding unique sections that will keep people coming back. For example, an art gallery can have a page that has a new drawing added every day, or a comedy club can have a page with regularly updated quips and observations from nightly performers. The possibilities are endless; just cater the content to your specific field. When it comes to picking the perfect website design in Los Angeles,  Coalition Technologies can provide you with quality, affordable content that you can be proud to use – or you can create it yourself and let our team of SEO experts optimize it for added effectiveness.

Look at Other Websites for Inspiration – Then Upgrade

So, how do you develop a unique look for your website? After all, it’s all been done before, right? First, take a look at other websites from companies in similar fields, and put yourself in the shoes of someone who knows nothing about the industry. Are you drawn in? What does the website lack? What stands out in a positive or negative way? Use other websites for inspiration, and then start forming your own ideas. A good website design company can help in achieving your dreams, so don’t be afraid to get creative.

Think Outside the Box

There is a difference between being inspired and being a copycat. Don’t just show a designer a website that you think is neat and then ask them to change the color. Work with the designer to come up with a unique design that is completely fresh and exciting. If you are working with a talented website designer in Los Angeles, you can be sure that you will be able to bounce ideas back and forth. The fact that you are not well-versed in web design just means that you may be able to come up with some unorthodox ideas that can spawn something never seen before. Starting with a blank canvas can have its advantages. Collaboration with a knowledgeable expert gives you an opportunity to mold and evolve your ideas into something more concrete.

Hire a Reputable Designer

The nice thing about designing and planning a unique website is that you can look at the work done by multiple website design companies, then choose one that is creating designs and pages that you really respect. Here at Coalition Technologies, we are proud to be heralded as leaders in the website design and Internet marketing industry, and we are confident that you will agree when you see our exceptional work.

Call Coalition

If you are looking for fresh and modern website designs in Los Angeles, we can help bring your visions to life. Our expert designers have the skills and creativity to create the perfect website for you, so call (310) 827-3890 today to get your free quote. We make your business more successful; that’s how we’ve built our reputation. Let Coalition Technologies improve your company’s web presence and help you leave a lasting impression on every viewer.

Management Retreat

We had our management retreat today at Annenberg House in Santa Monica and it was tons of fun! Beach, ocean, pool, good meals, great company! Very productive too.



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