Happy life

My advice for a happy life based on what works for me / research in general:
  1. Eat healthy every day
  2. Exercise every day
  3. Find a live in significant other
  4. Talk to a friend or family member daily
  5. Caffeine and alcohol are high interest short term loans, generally better to avoid
  6. Move on
  7. Build things you are passionate about
  8. Listen to other people
  9. Read good books

Dam Protestors Paid by Big Oil and Coal?

“Environmentalists” have been protesting dams for years even though they are enormously greener and better for the environment than coal or gas. Could big oil and gas secretly be backing the anti-nuclear and anti-dam protestors? My bet is yes.

Buy Learning Management System Software

If you are looking to buy learning management system software you should try RomyLMS.com. I built this system last year for Coalition Technologies and last month I made it accessible for consumer use. We’ve worked hard to make sure it is easier to use than any existing LMSs out there.

A big part of ease of use is how you navigate through a system. This is the Assignments page you see when you log in. The learner’s UI is really smooth, and the nav bar ensures you can’t get lost.

Learning Management System Software

Learning Management System Software

The image above shows the live consumer database, but there are actually two different offerings from RomyLMS.com. The first is the basic package:

  • Typical subscription SaaS pricing – $2 per user per month
  • Cloud based solution
  • All core LMS features
  • Great for employee training

The second option is buying a license for business use. This is a little bit pricier depending on what you are looking to get out of it, but can have huge upsides. This option provides:

  • Complete white-labeling
  • System customization – extra features, custom integrations, etc.
  • Can be utilized to train anyone – customers, channel sales, direct sales teams

If you are looking to buy learning management system software for anything other than training employees, then you will want to look at a sector called “extended enterprise”. This is just industry lingo for training outside of your organization. And that is exactly what the second option for buying RomyLMS provides.

It’s a lot easier for us to build a system to your specifications than it is to find an existing solution out there to meet all your needs. If your business has developers, we are more than happy to give them complete access to the source code so your system can evolve as your needs change.

Are you or someone you know looking to buy learning management system software? Contact us here, or take a look at the system by signing up for a free account here.


Employee Productivity

I think there are 4 levels of productivity an employee can have:

  1. Doing work

  2. Doing work + reporting on the work (let Joel know)

  3. Doing work + reporting on the work + providing insights on the work (make recommendations)

  4. Doing work + reporting on the work + providing insights on the work + taking action to improve the work based on insights (make necessary changes to systems and report to Joel).

Be a level 4 and you will receive Outstanding performance ratings, frequent raises and promotions.

SyntaxNet is Approaching Human Levels

Google’s new open source language parser, SyntaxNet, seems to be nearing human levels of sentence parsing.  Trained human linguists can parse sentences with 97% accuracy, SyntaxNet can parse them with 94% accuracy… basically SyntaxNet is halfway there. If it doubles in efficiency twice, it will surpass humans.

When it surpasses humans, how far will we be from general strong artificial intelligence? That’s hard to say… but if you combined the work being done on Go, language parsing, robotic movement in real space, and other areas it seems like we are very, very close. Possibly less than five years….

Internet Addiction

Everyone I know is now addicted to the Internet. Laurel and I have our phones out all the time, or we watch Netflix together, or read books on our Kindles, or work on our computers. I can’t even go to the bathroom without pulling out my phone to read Hacker News or the NyTimes.

Even my old technology hating Grandpa is now addicted. His tablet is out for hours a day as he checks email and stock prices.

As I drive to work, everyone I see has their phones out. Each line of cars inevitably gets held up by someone who doesn’t see the light turn green.

And it will only get worse with virtual reality now becoming commonly available.

Banking Not Secure

SWiFT- the network all major banks use to transfer money is not secure.

The issue is that state backed hackers from Russia and China will always defeat these systems because there are no repercussions to them. Basically, these hackers are the equivalent of a pirate boat rushing out into the ocean to rob a cargo boat then going back to safe harbor in their own country.

We need a global government that can enforce basic laws against theft everywhere. Only then will these attacks be stopped.

Energy vs Healthcare

Deregulation in energy in the 60s and 70s broke up monopoly’s and greatly increased competition, which brought about huge energy innovations that have revolutionized that industry for the better.

Doing the same thing in medical and drug fields will vastly reduce costs while improving the quality of care.

It’s pretty pathetic that you can get better service in a restaurant spending $5 than you can in a medical facility when you are spending $5,000.

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