A contract to me is the meeting of minds where everyone commits to something and writes it down. When I make a contract, I do everything in my power to follow through on my promises. I see way too many people who don’t do that though, which is just sad. I wish everyone out there was honest and trustworthy, the world would be a better place.


I built a platform to help give more consistent and structured feedback to my employees called Scoretask. I have not worked on the code in several months, and now I am trying to get started again. My code is fairly confusing and is taking me awhile to deciphere it. I want to do a better job of organizing my php code this time so that when I have a developer come in to work on it they don’t hate me quite as much. Right now I am having my developer Mike help me out with my recruiting application and he is very unhappy to have to work on spaghetti code base. I have been trying to learn from Laracasts about better code practices.

Physical Goals

Is it reasonable to expect significant improvements in physical fitness past the age of 32? I am not sure, but I am going to try. My goals are to do 50 straight pushups, run 4 miles at a 7:45 pace, weigh under 190 and climb 5.13.

My finances from a decade ago…

Assets Liabilities Holdings Revenue/ month Expenses/ month Income
Bank 8,469.25 Direct Loan 8,219.14 Visible 3,216.00 Rent 1,000.00
Scottrade 6,630.09 Perkins Loan 14,218.00 Car Insurance 106.00
Grandparents loan 8,000.00 Cable 76.00
Utilities 40.00
Gas 45.00
Food 600.00
Entertainment 400.00
Loan Repayment 220.00
Cell 80.00
15,099.34 30,437.14 (15,337.80) 3,216.00 2,567.00 649

The Mighty Power of Google

I have worked “optimizing” search engines for my entire post college career. “Optimizing” is in quotes because I work to help companies that pay me show up higher in Google’s search rankings, perhaps occasionally against what Google would want ranking. I am probably more familiar with search algorithms used by Google than anyone outside of Google itself. I have discovered many little methods, as well as a few bigger secrets, of how to do my job of search engine optimization better than anyone else. Because I am successful at “optimizing” Google, I have built a company with sixty full time employees who also do what I do. I have many clients that receive far more leads and revenue than they otherwise would without my help.

I thought I was powerful and influential for awhile.

Then I realized that I am really just a barnacle on the surface of a worldwide leviathan. Google has tens of thousands times higher revenue than I do. I would not exist without Google, I am a small part of it’s ecosystem.

Everyone uses Google. Google controls the information we see on a day to day basis. Billions of searches and Google controls what gets clicked on and what doesn’t. Google controls which companies succeed, and which don’t. Each time I help a client reach higher rankings in Google’s search results, that client might see their overall revenues double or triple.

Google is a company with $75 billion in annual revenue for itself. But far more importantly, it controls many trillions of dollars of commerce going to other businesses. Google controls what information you see when you search for political questions. Google controls what answers come up when you look for the best programming language, best dating site, religious questions, and on and on.

Every day Google weaves itself tighter and tighter into our lives. As I drive to work each morning, every other driver is staring intently at their phones… mostly Android powered phones. Android controls 65% of the US market, 82% of the German market, 76% of the French market, 88% of the Spanish market.

Google is becoming harder and harder to influence. When I first started in search engine optimization, anyone who had read a few blog posts could figure out how to get their website to the top of Google. Now I see thousands of flailing worthless SEO firms not getting any real changes made for their clients. The old tricks mostly don’t work anymore. My team and I have had some success, but it takes far more work than it used to. And we are the #1 ranked “los angeles seo” services company… Most companies can’t move the needle at all.

I believe that Google is now more powerful than most governments worldwide. Google controls what information you receive, and because of that, in many ways how you think.

For me, I feel like I’ve become a cyborg. Much of what I think and remember is online. 90% of my communications happen through gmail. I can’t remember what I told I a client 6 months ago, but I can find that email in seconds. Much of what used to be stored in my brain is now stored online. Photos, emails, events, research, planning, and much else only resides online now. Google has literally become a part of my personality and who I am.






After Laurel and I visited Portland for Jordan’s wedding, we watched a few episodes of the Portlandia television show on Netflix. Pretty funny, but it does wear out after a few episodes.

My Investment Principles

The goal of my investment principles is to maximize the value of my investments over my lifetime. I want a high return with low risk.

Here they are in their current form in order of priority:

  1. Seek companies that I believe have a high probability of long term (10+ years) success
  2. The most successful companies are run by their founders on a day to day basis.
  3. Companies should have a very strong price to sales and price to earnings ratio compared to their competitors and industry at large
  4. Companies should pay a regular dividends
  5. Companies should use debt safely and moderately if at all.
  6. Tax harvesting is okay to use, but making returns should always be the top goal. Taxes are secondary.
  7. Balance bonds with stocks. Never less than 20% in one or the either.
  8. Balance domestic with foreign investments
  9. Investing in my own business is usually the best way to achieve the above goals. Diversification is important though.

17 Offers

For a long time, capacity has been one of Coalition’s greatest limiting factors. I built a new recruiting system though that has helped us exponentially increase our ability to hire new folks. Now, it is making hiring new people on much easier. I am actually preparing to send out 17 offer letters today! I hope to have about 8 of those people accept the offers and maybe 5-6 work out to be great team members. That’s based on past experience of the ratio of how things work out.

Global Economy Confusion

I am currently very confused about what is going on in the global economy. Interest rates are negative, most assets seem to be in a bubble… very confusing as to where to invest.

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