Reflection: Encouragement

I am looking back today at some of my emails from July of 2012 and I am seeing that I need to offer my team more positive encouragement and feedback. I know that we are in a tough, competitive business and oftentimes our team gets held to very high expectations. If I can offer more encouragement, I think it will keep people focused and motivated at a higher level.

Pushing to Improve

Yesterday I went for a run on the Orting Trail with Laurel and Jimmy. My usual running pace for six miles is around 10 minutes a mile, but yesterday we ran probably 8:40 miles. Running with others helped me push myself at a higher pace than I usually go. I think maybe I should try to join a running group to help hold me accountable for running faster in the future.


In today’s reflection, I m looking back to November 2013. I am searching through my old emails and just seeing what was going on and what I can learn from it and apply to my life in the future.

  • At that time we had some account managers that were out of touch with production, so I suggested to my managers that we tie them in closer.
  • Jordan had a concern with the quality of the analytics analysis by our production manager. I feel like Bridget is doing a pretty solid job here now.
  • I wanted to buy several epipens for my allergies to bees
  • Talking to a friend who is the Showrunner for that Duck lures reality show about helping him with his show idea for “Red Hot Fish”
  • Negotiating the lease for the new office space. Thank god our broker did a good job here because my neighbor with the same amount of space got hit with $26,000 in fees and I only had $600 because my lease protected me.
  • Fought a chargeback from a scammy company called Empire Gold Buyers…. biggest ripoffs ever.
  • Jimmy my cousin resigned from helping with Digital Auto Gauges.
  • We had a weak digital producer who said he couldn’t handle his work, tried coaching him in how to do better.

Also, I had a nightmare last night that I had sold the company and the new owners fired me as CEO and I was devastated and angry and fought to get back… Weird dream. I am committed to Coalition long term… don’t know what else I could do that I would receive more challenge and enjoyment from.

Ancient Reflection

As part of my ongoing effort to reflect on the past, I have looked up archives from the New York Times from 1939- 1941 here*/from19391111to19411230/

Amusing claim… May 26, 1940 the French government claimed that Nazi air superiority had been overcome…. this was 1 day before the emergency evacuation at Dunkirk of the defeated Allied armies. Less than a month later the French would surrender.

Crazy the amount of poor quality information that comes about a topic the day of.


I am trying to reflect on who I am each day to find ways to improve. I am looking back at a closer time, 6 months ago now.

January 1st, Laurel and I hung out with Jeremy and his girlfriend Dorothy:


We had dinner and played Exploding Kittens, a card game.

I set a personal goal for myself of being able to get 100 points on the Marine Fitness Test which means running 3 miles in 18 minutes (I am not remotely close to this lol), do 20 pullups (I can do maybe 12), and 100 crunches.

Jordan and I were super stressed out by a legal case which we went on to win fortunately.

Laurel and I emailed back and forth about our relationship. As usual, Laurel was more reasonable in her emails than I was.

We were trying to figure out how to deal with the visibility of docs in our Drive… we now have several hundred thousand and it is hard to control access.

Laurel and I decided on getting a rubber wedding ring for me. I seem to have lost one on our honeymoon now in Kauai, but fortunately I have 5 more at home.





Occam’s Razor – Choose Less Assumptions

Occam’s Razor is a mental rule of thumb that instructs us to pick the simplest theory to explain something. A good case for this is “When you hear hoofbeats, think of horses not of zebras”.

Occam’s Razor is especially applicable to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as people assume Google is doing some crazy artificial intelligence thing to rank one site over another, when quite often it is very obvious things like keyword usage on site that causes ranking differences.

Hanlon’s Razor – Fundamental Attribution Error

Hanlon’s Razor states that you should never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by carelessness.

Many times I have made this mistake and thought that someone in my life who had mistreated me had cunningly planned a way to hurt my interests. In reality, I think that most of the time those people had no ill will… they just didn’t care and therefore allowed something bad to happen.

Gamifying Workouts & Pokemon Go

I would really love if someone made a game where you could play an MMORPG while walking slowly on a treadmill. If you had combat against another character though, you would have to run on the treadmill and that would affect the damage you could do – whoever ran fastest would do the most damage. If you had a higher level character, you would do a higher level of damage as well. This way say a Level 10 character who could run 6 miles per hour would be equal to a Level 6 character who could run 9 miles per hour.

Pokemon Go is sort of like this -you wander around in the real world to collect Pokemon and level them up. It is highly addicting – Laurel and I played it for an hour or two last night walking around in the real world.  Augmented reality is pretty incredible stuff!

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