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5 Future Mega-Hit Websites

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009
Posted in Web Design by Joel Gross

I am always looking around for cool new business ideas and these are the five best website businesses that most people have not yet heard about:

  1.  Ebay-style marketplace for workers.  You can hire accountants, lawyers, programmers, web designers, graphic designers, copywriters, personal assistants, and just about any other online work based projects you can think of.  I actually have spent $2,875 on there myself for my own projects.
  2.  Offers peer-to-peer lending services.  Do you need a personal or business loan? People will bid to lend you the money at the lowest rate.  Need a place to invest? You can find people with good ideas to loan money to and get a good interest rate.
  3.  I’ve mentioned this site on here before, but it really is a great place to play and offers an awesome set of features and options for chess enthusiasts.  Challenge me (Joelx) to a game!
  4.  Funny new site put out by the guys who made Failblog, Lolcatz and other super popular sites.  I spent about 30 minutes my first time browsing!
  5.  Ok, so maybe this one won’t be a mega-hit website but maybe a couple people will visit it lol.

Has anyone else spotted websites they really loved lately that other people haven’t heard much about yet?