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A-Z Websites In My Browser

Friday, May 6th, 2011
Posted in Uncategorized by Joel Gross

Based on Scott Porad’s post about how Google Chrome uses your browsing history to try to auto fill in your address bar, I decided to post my top suggested websites per letter too.  I cleared my browser history & cache about 2 weeks ago so there isn’t as much info to go on here: – Website analytics I use for my clients – My Blog – My SEO & Web Design company – No idea what this site is – When’s the NFL lockout going to end? – I actually rarely visit this site – I use gmail for both a work & personal email client – Programmer’s personal site who I just started working with -Audio player for sound files for my phone application – Kitchen designer in Atherton who I work for – Local news – Amazon’s mechanical turk program  that gives you super cheap labor for repeatable tasks – National news – Workers – Beta version of my phone app – Bay Area damage restoration – Trading house - Phone app backend software – Insurance company

V- Empty – Bank

X- Empty – Search engine –  Business apps