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Andy Meade Mini-Profile

Saturday, August 4th, 2007
Posted in Profiles & Interviews by Joel Gross

Ahh… what to say about this strangest man.

Andy Meade is an excellent chess player, which is to say he beats me once in a while when he’s having a brain day. Andy Meade also enjoyed sailing until the evil goblins at the WAC took away his license for sailing a boat on the 4th of July after they gave him permission to do so. Andy is a very sharp kid and has lent me some excellent books. Conversation with Andy Meade is always entertaining and he can actually cook some pretty decent Ethiopian food. And no Ethiopian food isn’t just rice mixed with sawdust.

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  2. Hi there, Any chance of getting Andy’s email. I need to talk to him in regards to something….. Thanks! -Ryan

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