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Apple iPhone 3G Repairs Rejected

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009
Posted in Reviews by Joel Gross

My Apple iPhone 3G split along the top of the casing and hasn’t been working right lately- it has been unable to call out or receive calls properly half the time and the ringer doesn’t work.‚  I made an appointment at an Apple store, but ended up waiting for 45 minutes for‚  “Genius” to help me out.‚  When he finally got around to assisting me, he decided he couldn’t touch my iPhone because water damage voided my warranty.‚  He recommended that I go buy a new iPhone at the unsubsidized price.‚  Freaking garbage.‚  Probably shouldn’t have dropped my phone in the pooper lol.

One thought on “Apple iPhone 3G Repairs Rejected

  1. Of if you were smart they have this thing called insurance… you could have gotten a free one!!

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