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Bailout Increasing in Size, Scope

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008
Posted in Uncategorized by Joel Gross

The day we all feared has arrived.‚  The government has begun to directly intervene in the markets, buying $250 billion worth of stock in 9 banks.‚  Emperor Paulson has said that the government will end up taking up to a $2.25 TRILLION stake in various companies and formerly free market assets.

The bad news is that there has been many reports that the friendly bailout offered by the government to some of these banks wasn’t so friendly.‚  The United States government is said to have made it very clear to the top executives of the banks receiving bailout money that they had only two options- “Yes please sir” and “May I have another?”

Welcome to socialism.‚  First dies our financial, economic and monetary freedoms.‚  Soon you will lose your political and social freedoms.‚  Good luck, America.