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Best New Computers On The Market Today

Sunday, March 31st, 2013
Posted in Reviews by Joel Gross

Below is the results of my extensive research on the best new computer options in buying a new computer. I also attached an excel spreadsheet file that can help you decide whether a laptop or a desktop is best for you: New-Computer-Decision Excel File

Desktop: $2850 (i7-3770 (3.4 ghz), 32 GB Ram, 2TB HD w/ 256GB SSD Ram, Nvidia Geforce GTX660 1.5 GB)

Dell XPS one (touchscreen desktop): $2600 (i7-3770 (3.4 Ghz), 16GB ram, 2 TB HD w/ 32 GB ssd)

Dell 15z ultrabook w/ touch screen $1000 (i7 2.6 Ghz, 8GB Ram, 500 GB drive + 32 GB ssd, nvidia geforce 630m w/ 2gb DDR3)

Dell XPS 12 (ultrabook/tablet touchscreen) $1700: (i7 2.6 Ghz, 8 GB Ram, 256 SSD, Intel HD 4000)
Macbook Pro 15” $2800: (i7 2.7 Ghz, 16 GB Ram, 512 GB SSD, Nvidia Geforce GT 650m 1 GB GDDR5)