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Cascade Mountain’s American Gin – Bad Taste

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008
Posted in Reviews by Joel Gross

About six months ago I went to the liquor store and purchased about a dozen bottles of liquor so that I could make drinks for my friends and I. One of the bottles that I purchased was a product by Cascade Mountain, specifically their American Gin. Plato came over shortly thereafter and he and I proceeded to mix a couple of martini’s using Cascade Mountain’s American Gin as our base ingredient. Now, to tell you the truth, Plato is still a law student and I only recently graduated from the University of Washington, so we are used to cheap crummy liquor. Unfortunately, Cascade Mountain’s American Gin tasted SO bad that we just had to throw our drinks down the sink drain and make vodka-based martini’s.

The bottom line is that I still have that half empty bottle of unappetizing Cascade Mountain American Gin sitting in my cupboard by itself. Don’t buy it.