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Tuesday, January 20th, 2009
Posted in Entertainment by Joel Gross

Some bonehead with the screenname “drakertr” was trying to have sex with his friend’s girlfriend (screenname “me”), only to get caught in the slimy act.

Trying to steal a friends girlfriend is a no-no.

Trying to steal a friend's girlfriend is a no-no.

What an idiot. Too bad I know too many guys just like drakertr. Ugh.

3 thoughts on “CAUGHT!

  1. Any man who steals or even thinks about making a move on a friends gf/wife is a complete waste of life. Men like that should be castrated and never be allowed to have sex again. I absolutely hate dishonet and slimy little punks. They are not allowed to call themselves men and they usually are pathetic, self conscious f**k heads who have zero game. Im sorry but a man with no loyalty is not a man at all and should just commit suicide.

  2. on a lighter note….I wish I had a copy of the conversation between men and you on MSN messenger when I pretended to be a hot girl…HAHAHAHAH. That was priceless!!!

  3. I agree… anyone who tries to steal his friend’s girlfriend is a piece of Sh$t. I hate guys like that. Even after they break up, you still need to talk to your friend about it. Also- that conversation was pretty hilarious… I think we did save it somewhere, but I forgot where.

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