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Civic Knowledge Test

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008
Posted in Uncategorized by Joel Gross

I found an interesting civic knowledge test.‚ Apparently, the average public servant scores lower than the average citizen.

I scored an 81% (27 out of 33).

I thought a few of the questions were BS, especially question 33 & 15.‚  I won’t tell you what they are though before you take the test.

How did you score?

8 thoughts on “Civic Knowledge Test

  1. I got 26 out of 33 and I was kicking myself for not beating you =) I also missed 33 and thought it was stupid.

  2. The easiest way to settle this is to admit that you both are less intelligent then myself. “You answered 28 out of 33 correctly — 84.85 %” I, officially, am a rock star.

  3. It was the slavery questions that messed me up, every time I saw the word I kept thinking about how Joel is my slave and how I can more efficiently put him to work. =)

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