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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009
Posted in Joel by Joel Gross

Although it suffers from possibly one of the worst name choices in the history of towns, Factoria doesn’t seem to be so bad.‚  Factoria is a mere 10 minute drive from downtown Seattle and maybe 5 minutes from downtown Bellevue.‚  Today I went on a run during lunchtime and got a more intimate look at the area and it’s surroundings.‚  T-Mobile is the major employer in Factoria.‚  Factoria is lacking in it’s own culture and is mostly upscale suburbs.‚  The high school is beautiful and new… I will probably use their track to run on during lunch on days I don’t feel like exploring.‚  I will actually be moving over here very soon and we’ll see if I can tolerate living outside Seattle.