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Finally: A Good Night’s Sleep

Friday, February 27th, 2009
Posted in Joel by Joel Gross

For the last week I have been unable to fall asleep for over an hour or more and I would wake up at around 6 am, unable to sleep further.‚  However last night I was able to sleep like a 215 pound baby.‚  An unhealthy part of my life was forcibly cut out yesterday and now I feel great this morning.‚  I had a very awkward date last night with a girl who turned out to have little real experience with the opposite sex… cracked me up because the last three girls I dated have been like jaded old men.‚  Anyways, off to do a client presentation in Lake City now, then meeting with Nick & Brian for happy hour at 5:30 at Imo Sushi if anyone wants to join us!