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Funny Chloroform Girl Video

Friday, June 13th, 2008
Posted in Entertainment by Joel Gross

I found this really funny song called “Chloroform girl” from some creepy dude on YouTube. I think that Chloroform Girl is my new favorite song. It has lyrics like, “It’s been 3 years since you’ve seen the sunlight… but I know you’re having fun”, “I’ve got this overwhelming feeling of morbid ecstasy” and “Don’t let me catch you sleeping again… you’re only alive because I like you”. HAHAHHAHAHA…. I love it. Watch the funny Chloroform girl video below:

One thought on “Funny Chloroform Girl Video

  1. Firstly this song is not made by an individual as you suggested but by a band Polkadot Cadaver This song is very disturbing, and dives into some of the evils that occur in this world. The band approaches the song in a non-emotional view, as though you are the sociopath, with gives the song a strange feeling. In all this is a very disturbing but great song.

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