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I Can Say Fuck On the Public Internets!

Thursday, March 4th, 2010
Posted in Entertainment, Reflection by Joel Gross

And the world didn’t explode.

People are nazis when it comes to self-policing their names online.  Many people hide all of their activities under various pseudonyms.

Under their own names, they are only willing to do super bland & inane activities like create a LinkedIn profile or write an Amazon review.  Many of these same individuals then go to other websites and spew hatred, racism, child porn, troll comments, and many other idiotic activities under hidden pseudonyms like “2Cute4U” and “YourMomisaHo56382932847″.

I would like to make much of the internet traceable back to specific human beings… you would see most of the riff-raff clean up their act.  Privacy is only useful for criminals.

If you want to share offensive comments like “I can say fuck on the public internets!”, then go for it.  Just have some courage and say it under your own name so that people recognize who you are.

For certain activities, such as whistle-blowing, it is necessary to have a few sites online where people can be completely anonymous…. but the whole internet does not need to be anonymous as many child molestation advocates like Rebecca Jeschke, Michael Ostrolenk, Chip Pitts, and Susan Grant. Those four people are leaders of some of the strongest privacy advocacy groups online.

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  1. “Privacy is only useful for criminals” – hmmm, i suspect that you simply do not understand what can be discerned by a decent Business intelligence engine (cognos, hyperian etc)and access to your browsing habits, tweets, forum posts etc. Trust me, far more than you’d ever imagine. this can be harnessed by people both good and bad. The bad ones will be out there, they already are…. Wait a few years and you’ll wish you had that privacy back, that is the problem, once you give it away. you will never get it back. Though i accept the immediate likelehood is not high, can you imagine how screwed you would be if a regime came into power that put in force a Stasi-like department. Though there are benefits to this interconnected world, don’t imagine everything is benign. Privacy is good, give yours up if you want, i’ll keep mine thanks.