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Kirkland Nightclubs

Sunday, March 22nd, 2009
Posted in Entertainment by Joel Gross

Nick, Andrew, Kenny, Stewie, Bryan and I went out to Kirkland last night.‚  I may be moving into that area soon so I wanted to check out the nightlife and see if it’s any good.‚  We went to the Wilde Rover, Sharks and another club I can’t remember the name of.‚  The girls were hot, but there was also plentiful dudes and cougs.‚  I had a couple of interesting discussions at the end of the night with Andrew about how bar lighting can make girls look far better than they do in regular lights and also how after midnight you rarely meet hot girls and mostly just put nails in the coffin.‚  It would be smart to bail at around 12:30 if nothing’s going on.

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