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Lack of Blog Posts

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008
Posted in Joel by Joel Gross

I started getting carpal tunnel, so I put a wrist brace on and am avoiding using my right hand for two weeks to let it heal itself. I probably won’t post much at all for this period, but that doesn’t mean my ideas are slowing down. When my hand is better, there will be a whole lot more coming. Prepare yourself… ;)

3 thoughts on “Lack of Blog Posts

  1. “avoid(ing) using my right hand for two weeks” – I can’t, it would be like shooting fish in a barrel

  2. Hahahahha… I think that every male person who I’ve told about my wrist issue has come out with some sort of masturbation joke. Thank you for your restraint, Boink. ;)

  3. Even God was going to make a Rosy Palms and her five delicate friends joke. You know its a set up then.

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