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Mission Accomplished: PHP Book Finished!

Sunday, January 30th, 2011
Posted in Joel by Joel Gross

I set a goal for myself to read through the 452 page tome on PHP by Larry Ullman before the end of January and just finished it! Very proud of myself.

It covered everything from basic PHP syntax, variables, error reporting, GET & POST, numbers, random numbers, strings, finding substrings, replacing strings, if conditional, else, elseif, while, switch, for loops, arrays, multidimensional arrays, templates, external files, constants, datetime, sticky forms, output buffering, http headers, cookies, sessions, functions, creating functions, file permissions, writing to files, locking files, reading files, file uploads, directory navigation and creation, mysql databases, mysql error handling, mysql creating databases & tables & data, deleting, updating, regular expressions, matching patterns, literals, metacharacters, quantifiers and classes.

I feel like a genius now.