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Monday Dinner- “House of Hong” Seattle, WA

Monday, December 10th, 2007
Posted in Reviews by Joel Gross

We were feeling lazy tonight, so our group just went to House of Hong in the International District of Seattle Washington. The House of Hong is an overpriced Chinese place with lots of gaudy decorations. The food was just like any low end place in Chinatown, but the prices were pretty steep for what you got. I wouldn’t recommend it.

The company was good though; Ian Coleman and Diana, Eric Hendrickson and Amy and Fletch and I were all there and ordered more food than we could possibly eat. The conversation was entertaining; movie discussion, travel and poop jokes lol.

After eating, we drove to an ATM in the International District and got some cash while a bunch of very sketchy bums eyed us. We were in a pretty crappy eighties beater though, so they didn’t approach. Must’ve been waiting for a Mercedes.

Though a black Mercedes in the International District is probably the Yakuza or some other mafia syndicate, so maybe it would be a good idea to target the small fish like us…