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New Underground Music

Thursday, September 20th, 2007
Posted in Music by Joel Gross

A few friends have pointed out some underground music they like lately, so I thought I would post a couple here so the rest of you can take a listen. If you’d like, share more bands in the comments.

The Horrors- Introduced to them by Jeremy.

Feist- Also Jeremy recommended. Pop in a good way. Sort of sounds like Fiona Apple.

Menomena- Rachelle recommendation. I like “Rotten Hell”.

Under Byen- Rachelle’s rec. Strange, but interesting.

Bethurum- Rachelle’s boyfriend who does music for Microsoft.

One thought on “New Underground Music

  1. I also recommend Beirut. I think this might be the most beautiful CD of the year. Also, listening to KEXP streaming. All. day. long.

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