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No Country For Old Men – Amazing Movie

Wednesday, December 12th, 2007
Posted in Reviews by Joel Gross

No Country for Old Men was one of the best movies I’ve seen yet. I hate movies that all have a similar ending and this one was new, yet somehow you knew what would happen in the end.

After work, I was feeling bored but not too sociable and I remembered I had been intending to see No Country for Old Men, so I went to Fandango and looked up the show time. The show was at 7:05, and so I had about 30 minutes to drink a protein drink and grab a bag of beef jerky and walk down to the AMC in Pacific Place on 6th & Pike in Seattle.

I sat in the crippled seats so I could stretch out my legs and settled in. No Country for Old Men is sort of a postmodern Western, with lots of guns, hicks and cowboys. The theme is basically my theory on life. Check it out.