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Painful finger= short sentences

Monday, July 16th, 2007
Posted in Uncategorized by Joel Gross

Last night Melanie and I broke up. She is an amazing person but needs some personal space and time to work some stuff out.

Fletcher suggested drinking.

Wine consumption commenced.

Good conversation had.

Went outside and walked down the road on Lake Union.

Saw seaplane.

Swam out to seaplane.

Seaplane was unlocked.

Discovered keys in seaplane.

Tried and failed to convince Fletcher of my piloting skills.

Called Jeremy and he said, “Go”

Correct decision made-leave seaplane alone and not risk death or prison.

Went to bed.

Took day off work to recuperate- last time I went to work the day after a breakup I alienated my coworkers.

Currently bored and listening to Radiohead.