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President Barack Obama’s Misdirection

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009
Posted in Advice by Joel Gross

A major news story in recent days has been that President Barack Obama called together his Cabinet and instructed them to find $100 million in budget cuts in the coming months. ‚ This has been heralded by many people as Obama getting “tough” and trying to solve the national debt crisis.

However, this $100 million is rarely compared to how much he is spending on bailouts and the stimulus plan… which is approaching $8 trillion dollars. ‚ Yes, I said $8 trillion- not billion. ‚ America is spending 80,000‚ times as much money as his measly $100 million cut. ‚ That means Barack Obama could permanently reduce America’s budget by $100 million for 79,000 years and we still would have ten centuries to go before we paid back the nominal cash we spent in the last year and a half on bailouts & stimulus.

Let’s cut the BS, President Obama and be honest with the American people. ‚ American spending & the national deficit are exploding completely out of your control.