I am stealing an idea from the Sex and the Ivy blog and creating a list of pseudonyms for those friends of mine who do not wish to have my blog come up in search results for their names. For now, I am going to only do this on a by request basis, but I may eventually move to doing it for all my friends. My friends will probably know who the nicknamed people really are and that is okay; I am just preventing people not in our circle from finding out.

ALWAYS keep in mind when reading my blog that I sometimes focus on particular aspects of someone’s character or exaggerate certain traits for entertainment value. Everyone has a far more dynamic personality than my limited space and understanding gives me the ability to portray. I will not make things up or take too much creative license, but everything contained on this blog is my perspective on the world.

Joel- I am my own main character. Often, I poke fun at myself and say ridiculous things on my blog to get a laugh and have fun. MOST of what I write is stream of consciousness hilarity whose main purpose is to entertain and get people to think. Keep that in mind (especially you employers and family lol). My best friends know that I will often tee up a joke at my own expense for someone to hit a homer with. Life is too short to be lame and boring and not have fun. I don’t have a huge ego or care what people think, hence the strange ramblings on my blog.

Trent-A Los Angeles denizen who is known for his wild opinions, passion for money and fun-loving spirit.

Plato- Very stable and relaxed, Plato attends law school and lives his life in peaceful moderation. According to him he is never wrong and everything that comes out of his mouth should be stamped in gold and placed on the tallest building in every city he visits. Plato does not see the wisdom in making occasional purposeful mistakes in order to greater experience life. He often laughs at my mishaps. Plato’s short stories can be found by clicking on the link. I made some errors putting them online, but most should be readable. Also, these stories are mostly rough drafts he wrote, so they aren’t his best work.

The Black Rooster- Is it a man or a beast? Legend has it that he once climbed Mt. Everest just to pillage the poor Sherpa village. The Black Rooster has traveled all over the world and once in a while faced prison and deportation.

Frodo- Frodo is on a journey to find himself.. and then throw the devil into the fiery depths of Mount Doom. Frodo is heavily involved in finance and enjoys entertaining conversation, booze and sin.

Bobby Fischer- Bobby Fischer is a fan of chess, books and indie movies.‚  Quite an interesting fellow- he and I have more than a few insane stories.

Lia Shiala- Fun friend who enjoys Shakespeare and all things nerdy.

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