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SHUT DOWN NASA: Launch Private Space Race

Saturday, July 23rd, 2011
Posted in Advice by Joel Gross

Since landing on the moon in July of 1969, very little of significance has been accomplished by NASA. Adjusted for inflation, America has spent $657 BILLION after the moon landing and we have seen precious few results. This year alone NASA has had $19 billion dollars in its budget.

42 years of no vision, no great goals, and failure.

I recommend shutting down NASA completely and redirecting it’s full budget into prizes for achieving specific goals. Here is one potential configuration:

Man on the moon – $2 Billion prize
Man on Mars – $5 Billion prize
Permanent moon base (1 year of a person living there) $4 Billion prize
Permanent Mars base (1 year of a person living there) $10 Billion prize

Each year, another $19 billion will be added to the prize purses to make them sweeter. When a goal is accomplished, we just set a new goal to take its place and assign cash rewards to it.

You would see a huge amount of companies, individuals and non-profit organizations all immediately begin work to achieve these goals and you would have the efficiency gains from the marketplace. Perhaps you could also assign a rule that anyone who wins a prize must release all their intellectual property after gaining it.

Mankind would advance by leaps and bounds.