“Joel Gross is an online marketing expert. He has strong experience building websites which drive incremental sales for his clients through SEO, PPC, and viral marketing techniques. I have known him for more than four years, and can speak very highly of his character. I met him at the UW, worked with him at Visible Technologies, and have remained in contact with him while at Google. He has a strong work ethic and prides himself in getting the job done right.”

-Victoria Docter, Associate Account Manager @ Google

“Joel is a constructive, insightful, hard-working member of our team who’s got a great eye for business opportunities and gaps in the marketplace. He’s eager, productive, and tenacious, and would be a real benefit to any employer.”

-Miles Ward, Director of Community Intelligence @ Visible Technologies

Joel Gross is vastly superior to any man I have ever dated.”

Tara Walters, Bookkeeper at law firm

“Joel’s intelligence and business knowledge are years ahead of his age. The discussions we had on potential business opportunities prove his dedication and motivation to succeed in the business world. I was continuously impressed with his ability to analyze various scenarios. He is not afraid to think outside the box, but at the same time keeps a realistic perspective. Joel would be a major asset to any company or organization.”

Alex Pepperl, Advertising Media Coordinator @ Disney

“Joel is a highly intelligent and extremely motivated young man who has impressed me time and again with his ability to find opportunities that others have missed and take full advantage of them. He takes pride in educating himself as thoroughly as possible on any topic concerning his business and as a result seems to always be a step ahead of his competition. I recommend that anyone who has the opportunity to work with Joel take it, as it will be to your benefit.”

Fletcher Findley, Attorney @ Findley Rogers PLLC

“Coalition built me a highly effective website, which greatly increased my national reach helping me expand more quickly than I thought possible and helped my business in ways that clearly went above and beyond what any other firm would do.”

- Adam W – intellitutoring.com

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