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The Power of Outsourcing

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009
Posted in Theories by Joel Gross

Outsourcing can be enormously powerful for either an organization or an individual. I personally use to outsource my copywriting, certain types of programming, and even business needs. Elance is basically Ebay for services… You post a project that needs to be done and various providers bid to offer you their services. You then choose the best bid and put your money into an escrow account and wait for the project to be delivered.

A short list of examples of outsourced work:

  • Scheduling assistant to call people
  • Research to find 1,000 blogs in a target industry
  • 100 500-word articles for a website
  • Accounting work
  • Basic bookkeeping
  • Programming in any language you can imagine
  • Translation in most spoken/written languages
  • School work
  • Legal work
  • Public relations campaigns

… and many other types of jobs.  The limits are only your own creativity.

One thought on “The Power of Outsourcing

  1. Well said, Outsourcing is the best tool for the companies to improve their profit rate.

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