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Trader Joe’s Grocery Stores

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008
Posted in Reviews by Joel Gross

Looking for one of the best low cost wine selections anywhere? Want very tasty food that is good for you? Do you like your food farm fresh? Do you not want to get ripped off when you are buying organic foods?

Me too. How unique we are.

I strongly recommend Trader Joe’s grocery storessafeway rotting produce if you are as interested in the above as I am. Trader Joe’s is my number one place to shop in Seattle because it has several convenient locations (U-district, Capitol Hill) and has the best food selections and somehow manages to keep the prices below the other big chain stores. QFC is overpriced with food that is not as fresh or as good. Safeway, especially the one in the University District, is grungy and half the time has rotting “fresh” produce (see right lol). Disgusting. Whole Foods has no convenient locations for me and costs double what Trader Joe’s grocery outlets do for the same quality of food.

Bottom Line: Shop at Trader Joe’s Grocery Stores!