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Twitter Review

Sunday, August 24th, 2008
Posted in Reviews by Joel Gross

Found another old post that was scheduled for June 1, 2008, but somehow never posted itself.

Twitter is a new social media community that features little posts with 160 maximum characters, basically like a mass text message. Twitter’s home page says that it’s goal is to have it’s users answer the question “What are you doing?”… constantly.

So far, I’m not a big fan. First of all, Twitter has huge operational problems and their site is very slow or constantly crashing. It’s not like Twitter is dispersing a monstrous quantity of information, it’s all short bites of text. Sounds like an incompetent technical development team to me. Also, I don’t get what the overall utility is- Facebook offers the quick mass text message plus tons more.

My boss, the Vice President of TruView, seems to be addicted to it though. He updates every few minutes all day long. Perhaps there is something to it that I don’t understand yet.

I will continue to actively monitor the situation as the Social Media Ninja! ;)