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Verizon Wireless Smart Rewards Program SCAM!

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014
Posted in Uncategorized by Joel Gross

I received an email from Verizon Wireless saying, “You have 61,600 points you can redeem in our rewards center”, so I happily logged in to redeem my points. You have 7 option categories:

  • Sweepstakes – basically you can enter a lotto with up to 25 points a day to win something. Ridiculous.
  • Auction – mediocre prizes but you have to stay logged in to the last second of an auction then bid against 100′s of other people at the same time. Waste of time.
  • Daily Deals – gift cards which are totally worthless since these “gift cards” are really only coupons to crappy restaurants.
  • Local Deals – Once again just coupons for Del Taco – “Buy one get one free”. Woopdeedoo.
  • Merchandise – Your points only get you small discounts on scammy looking goods.  “$279 Maui Jim” sunglasses I can use 11k points to get for $166 additional cash. Ugh.
  • Gift cards – I can get a whopping FIVE DOLLARS off a $50 gift card?!?!
  • Travel – more of the same crap.

Don’t bother with Verizon Wireless Rewards program, it’s a total waste of time meant to make more profit on you than they already are with their service. Total scam. Verizon needs to replace this with a true rewards program – give me $1 off my bill for each 100 points or something.

One thought on “Verizon Wireless Smart Rewards Program SCAM!

  1. I won a Samsung Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition (Verizon), Black 32GB. on the sweepstakes. I don’t think this is rediculous

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