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Walden Pond/ Into the Wild

Friday, September 28th, 2007
Posted in Reflection by Joel Gross

Perhaps I should have the Joel version of Walden Pond (Thoreau’s book about spending time alone) or Into the Wild (the dumbass hipster who went to have his own adventure in the wilderness and got eaten by a bear).

Just take some time off and do my own thing without anyone else. My job can be almost entirely devoid of human interaction if I want it to be. If I just went to work and did my own thing each day, and turned off my cell phone and email and instant messengers… I could be alone. I am interested in seeing how I would react to such circumstances. Loneliness, of course, would be the initial feeling. What would follow? Desperation? Peace? Rage? Despair? Utter joy? I don’t know. I probably should try the experiment just to get to know myself better. I am afraid of what I might find.