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World Update with Joooooel Grooooooooooooosssss!

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007
Posted in Entertainment by Joel Gross

-Japanese have invented street camo- in case you are about to get robbed, your purse folds out to look like a manhole and your kimono turns you into a full sized soda machine! Fortunately for Justin, his girlfriend already has this feature built in.

-Elephants in India got drunk and went on a rampage. Apparently villagers keep drums full of rice beer in their huts and the elephants have a special taste for it. After drinking as much beer as they could, the elephants uprooted a utility pole and 6 of them were electrocuted.

-Why I am not a teacher. 7 YouTube videos of teacher’s gone wild after crap from kids. Talk about power trips. I wish I had had a camera for some of the stuff I did as a kid. I think we should bring back corporal punishment in the classroom. And catholic schoolgirl skirts. By the way, video at the bottom is the best.

2 thoughts on “World Update with Joooooel Grooooooooooooosssss!

  1. What is that supposed to mean? “Fortunately for Justin, his girlfriend already has this feature built in.”

  2. It’s a brotherly insult, nothing to do with you… you are quite beautiful and voluptuous and if you ever want to find out what the elder gross is like, give me a ring. ;)

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